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2020 Picardy Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

85% Sauvignon Blanc 15% Semillon

2020 was a powerful year, as evidenced by the punch and intensity of the aromas on the nose.  This is tropical yet tight: pink citrus, green pineapple, a sprinkling of exotic spice and a saline perimeter, which I am pretty sure will lead to a very tight acid line.  Yes.  Plump and plush fruit, but this has steely mineral structure, and fine cooling acid through the finish.  I say this every year, because I love this wine, but does the 2020 vintage suit this blend better than previous years?  Perhaps.  This is refreshing, ever-so-slightly floral, succulent and long.  Big fan.

Erin Larkin

Tasting notes

2019 Picardy Chardonnay

Maybe I’m a slow learner… perhaps I am.  Because I feel like I am finally catching on.  The Burgundian clones that provide the fruit for this wine are the birthers of something quite unique.  This is fine, layered and spicy, at the same time as being rich, complex and full.  It doesn’t have the fat opulence of the Gin Gin clone – it is marked by a tighter, more controlled acid-line and fruit flavours that stray into the realm of preserved citrus.  The nose is redolent with salty/briny curry leaf, which overlays yellow peach and yellow stone fruit.  The palate is rich and complex, multilayered and long.  Restrained classy, and a magnificent (and I mean magnificent) match to pan-fried Snapper with dukkah, curry leaf and cauliflower hummus.  I recently enjoyed a bottle of the 2011 chardonnay, which I can attest was rich, bright and full, a different beast to this, like it had moved through some magical doorway of time.  Highly recommended to put this away, or at the very least forget about it for five or so years.

Erin Larkin


Tasting notes

2018 Picardy Pinot Noir - SOLD OUT

The upcoming 2019 Picardy Pinot Noir release will be very limited, expected to sell out within weeks. To avoid disappointment, please join our mailing list. 

It has to be said up front: this is easily the best wine (red or white) produced at the estate, to date.  Not only was 2018 was an exceptional vintage (which is abundantly clear in this wine), but it is also the first vintage that sees around 20% of the new Burgundian clones planted at the estate.  When I gently pushed Bill and Dan for more detail on this, the response was “a 'selection massale' from a friend with Grand Cru vineyards in Corton”.  Which was good enough for me (for now).  Willowy fine flavour profile of black cherry, black pepper, hints of black olive tapenade, spices like star anise, cumin, sesame, red gravel, ironstone and something succulent – like raspberry.  The very light colour is a convincing red herring – if you assume this is going to lack intensity or concentration of flavour, well… you know what they say about assumptions.

The acidity is bright and pierces through the fruit, the fine seam of tannins brings everything else into sharp focus.   

To put this vintage into context with the 2017 (which is in a glorious place currently, if you have any stashed away), I loved the spice and delicacy of the 2017.  This retains that pinpoint spice and overlays a textural succulence and fruit variety of a level hitherto not witnessed in these wines.  It is thrilling and gorgeous and will most certainly be consumed before you know what hits you, and you’ll wish you bought more.  I don’t know what other vintage in the run of Picardy pinots I should be comparing the 2018 to… in my mind and heart, this stands alone.  Perhaps I am wrong about that… but.  I encourage you to try and make up your own mind on that score. 

Regardless, this is slinky, structured and sexy. Massive yes.

Erin Larkin

Tasting notes

2017 Picardy Tête De Cuvée  - Pinot Noir

The Tete de Cuvee is always released a year after the estate pinot from the same vintage.  So one could say that the pinot is the preview to the Tete.  I like to look at it like that.  To give this release some context, the 2017 Pinot was a fine a silky affair, with Pemberton fruit that straddled a Tassie/Yarra fence in terms of supple and juicy, pink fruit characters.  Needless to say, incredibly drinkable, delicious and much loved.  The Tete is without fail, richer (owing to lower yielding vines), more brooding and darker in colour.  This release is no exception. Here there is charcuterie, black olive and charry spice around the edges of the red cherry fruit, the depth and complexity on the palate telling us we’re in serious pinot territory.  The length, as ever, pulls away through the finish and gallops like a thoroughbred on Melbourne Cup day. I hope you’re decanting your Tete de Cuvee - the young ones like several hours prior to serving, you won’t regret it.

Erin Larkin

Tasting notes

2018 Picardy Shiraz


The brilliant 2018 pinot has paved a way through our hearts for all the other wines that sprung from the same year. In fact, the writing was on the wall early, with the release of the great white 2018’s; if we didn’t know then (and I believe we did…) then we should have done. This 2018 shiraz is lusciously ripe, redolent with red fruits and berries, sprinkled with fine, salty acidity. As the wine leisurely unfolds across the palate, the tannins become the next character of note, displaying themselves as a fine web of texture which creates a trampoline upon which the fruit can bounce. Perhaps for the first time (to my palate at least) there is a seam of savoury texture and spice that runs through the heart of this wine and curls its way through the finish. This is where the balance and beauty really begin; as is necessary in life there is yin and yang here – light to dark, sweet to savoury… all things come together. 2018 strikes again.

Erin Larkin

Tasting notes

2017 Picardy Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc

A very fine expression of the merlot dominant blend.  The 2017 vintage was cool, long and wet, producing a wine here of finesse, structure and line.    The nose opens with very typical dark choc characters (merlot) and moves over the palate in a creamy swoosh of dark purple berries (the cabernets) and spicy oak.  The tannins are very fine and are well matched to the acid which exerts a cooling presence over the wine as a whole.   The structure contributed by the two cabs is evident on the palate, making another very strong case for the ‘sum is greater than the parts’ argument.

Medium-bodied at best, this is beautiful wine and one of the (is it ‘the’?) standout merlot dominant blends from Western Australia. 

Erin Larkin

Tasting notes

2017 Picardy Merlimont -

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc


52% Merlot, 27% Cabernet Sauvignon, 21% Cabernet Franc

We’ve not seen the Merlimont for a while, as it is only made in appropriate years; 'welcome back’ I say.  This has a juicy, plump and chocolate-y nose, underpinned by blackcurrant and raspberry.  There is mulberry and freshly cracked black pepper, and very fine grippy tannins. This is a spicy, almost old-world right bank blend, and one we don’t see too many of around these parts.  The flavours are long and fine through the finish, really pulling this experience out to its north.  Powder fine and spicy, another exciting and elegant Merlimont release.  

Erin Larkin

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