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Our winery


Picardy wines are vintaged and bottled by the Pannell Family in their Pemberton winery, where their attention to detail and hands-on approach is reflected in the vinification.
During harvest, there is minimal transfer time between vineyard and winery, thereby allowing the grapes to arrive in perfect condition.
In the winery, all wines are handled minimally and gently. Great wines are made in the vineyard and are only finessed in the winery. The Pannells believe the wines should be a true expression of the vineyard’s terroir and potential, rather than winery manipulation.
The purpose built winery was designed by Bill and Dan based on their combined forty years' experience, for the production of small batches of premium wine.

The Oak


At Picardy, the oak is used to accentuate the pure fruit of the Pemberton Region. It is chosen to compliment, not dominate, the wines.
In 1998, Bill and Sandra went on a fact-finding mission to Burgundy, in particular to find a small, high quality barrel producer. Burgundian winemakers recommended Tonnellerie Meyrieux Fils, and close inspection found this French cooper shared Picardy's desire for optimum quality.

Bill and Sandra still visit Tonnellerie Meyrieux in an ongoing quest for excellence. Tonnellerie Meyrieux now makes up about 80% of the total barrique purchases.
In the Picardy cellar, there is a range of oak from seven producers, six different toast levels and five different forests - with trials of new oak ongoing.

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