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85% Sauvignon Blanc Semillon / 15% Semillon


This bright and vibrant Sauvignon blend, one of the under the radar wines of the portfolio, is back with some punch in 2023.

With the complexity of three clones making up the Sauvignon Blanc portion and (as with all Picardy wines) the vines being un-irrigated, carefully cane-pruned and hand-picked, this translates into a very attractive and floral SBS.
Citrus, guava and pear notes are expertly guided by persistent and lively acidity.

Very much in the Picardy house style, this is another excellent release.

2023 Picardy Sauvignon Blanc Semillon


Picardy Sauvignon Blanc Semillon is produced from approximately 85% Sauvignon Blanc (three clones) co-fermented with 15% Semillon.
For this blend, the Pannells are inspired by both old world and new world styles to make a white blend having minerality with excellent structure and texture, while retaining vibrant fruit.

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